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University Tuition Fees

University Tuition Fees

Published on 22 June 2015
Your Question Period by Senator Jim Munson

Please press play to listen to the audio of this question. Please note that the audio is provided in the language in which the senators spoke. Senators may speak either official language in the Senate Chamber. For the full text of the translated exchange please click here.

Hon. Jim Munson:

Honourable senators, I have a question for the government leader in the Senate. The question is from our Senate Liberal Your Question Period initiative, which has been successful with Canadians sending us questions every day, seeking answers from the government. This question was submitted by Ms. Maria Lisa Seminara from Barrie, Ontario, who is a university student troubled by the rising cost of tuition.

Before reading her questions, I would like to acknowledge that education, as we know, is primarily a provincial jurisdiction, but the federal government plays an important role in providing students across the country with loans and grants. The government also administers various saving mechanisms for parents, including the Registered Education Savings Plan and the Canada Learning Bond.

Mr. Leader, with that in mind I hope you can be specific in responding to Maria’s concerns. She wrote:

[I] am a full-time University student studying Psychology in Ontario. I am confused at the fact that tuition prices continue to rise while the program, curriculum, professors, institution and course/class variability and much more remains the same; students are the future and the high prices are crushing thousands of people’s dreams and goals. I am in constant worry that I will not have enough money to go to Graduate School. I understand you are a busy person but I am reaching out here for help and to stand up for countless others in saying that tuition hikes seem to only benefit the Government. Why does tuition keep rising? Can this be stopped? What do thousands of people do if they invest thousands of dollars in school and so many years and cannot finish due to expenses? How do students benefit from tuition hikes if at all in your perspective?


Please click here to read the full text of this exchange


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