I do not believe in witch hunts, and I do not believe that because an individual or an organization takes a different position from mine that is a valid reason to single it out and suggest that it is somehow nefarious or seeking to undermine the Canadian economy or incite Canadians against their government.

– Senator James Cowan, Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

Encompassing close to 85,000 registered charities, over 2 million employees, and countless other volunteers, the charitable and non-profit sectors are a crucial aspect of Canada’s identity. Together, the two sectors also represent a large portion of the Canadian economy. At roughly 7 per cent of Canada’s GDP, or around $86.9 billion annually, the charitable and non-profit sectors are comparable in size to the entirety of the oil and gas sector. With such important interests at stake, recent comments by government ministers have created cause for concern.

Through a recent inquiry in the Senate, Conservative Senator Eaton created a potential forum to slander charities without moving to investigate the issue in further detail. In response, the Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Senator Cowan, has put forth a motion that this issue be studied by the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance. He has asked that charities be allowed to defend the allegations made against them, in a safe public forum. He has also asked that the inquiry not stop at charities—that all forms of lobbying be researched, including corporate lobbying.

Through the links below you will be able to follow the work that is being done by Liberal senators in support of charities.