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Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls

Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls
Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women

Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls

Published on 25 March 2014
Your Question Period by Senator Claudette Tardif

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Hon. Claudette Tardif:

Mr. Leader of the Government in the Senate, as you know, we recently invited Canadians to submit questions they would like to ask the government. I would like to ask a question sent to us by Rowena Kirk, from Elliot Lake, Ontario. This is her question:

I cannot understand the ongoing Government’s refusal to open a National Inquiry into our epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous women in Canada. My question is:

How can we prove the Canadian government is not racially biased and prejudiced against Aboriginal women in their continued and determined refusal to address the shockingly high proportion of loss of so many Aboriginal women in Canada?

There is no adequate justification or explanation for denying a full National Inquiry into all aspects of our missing and murdered indigenous women.

Mrs. Rowena Kirk asks: “Why is the government rejecting appeals for a full National Inquiry?”



Please click here to read the full text of this exchange


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