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Independence of Senators

Independence of Senators

Independence of Senators

Independence of Senators

Published on 30 September 2014
Your Question Period by Senator James Cowan (retired)

Please press play to listen to the audio of this question. Please note that the audio is provided in the language in which the senators spoke. Senators may speak either official language in the Senate Chamber. For the full text of the translated exchange please click here.

Hon. James S. Cowan (Leader of the Opposition):

My question is for the Leader of the Government in the Senate, and is another one of the questions that have been received in response to our invitation to Canadians to ask questions on their behalf.

Today’s question comes from Mr. Piper Jackson of Vancouver, British Columbia, and his question is as follows:

While appointed to the Senate by the Prime Minister, senators are servants of the people of Canada and not the Prime Minister nor any political party. What can be done to ensure the independence of Canadian senators? The justification for the existence of the Senate is dependent upon the capacity for senators to make decisions based upon their wisdom and judgment, and not upon outside political interference.


Please click here to read the full text of this exchange


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