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Democratic Reform—Fair Elections Bill

Democratic Reform—Fair Elections Bill

Democratic Reform—Fair Elections Bill

Democratic Reform—Fair Elections Bill

Published on 7 April 2014
Your Question Period by Senator Terry Mercer

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Hon. Terry M. Mercer:

Just as I remarked last week, Canadians are worried about their public institutions and they have ideas for reform. Should it be proportional representation? I don’t know the answer to that. However, I do know that we should be dealing with such ideas in this chamber.

I also believe than Canadians from coast to coast are worried about another attack on our democracy: the unfair elections bill. I’m not talking about the hundreds of professors, scholars and experts in the field, or even our former auditor general. I’m talking about Canadians from all walks of life and they are worried about this bill — Canadians like Rachel Lankester from Surrey, British Columbia, who took on the Senate Liberal Caucus challenge by asking:

How is it possible that a government, that won a “majority” with only 23.79 per cent of all eligible voters in Canada voting for them, ignore the advice of academics, experts, including law & political experts in Canada and internationally, the Canadian people, and every other political party when it comes to Bill C-23?

There are smart people out there, you know.


Please click here to read the full text of this exchange


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