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Canada Post—Postal Rates

Canada Post—Postal Rates

Canada Post—Postal Rates

Canada Post—Postal Rates

Published on 29 October 2014
Your Question Period by Senator Wilfred Moore (retired)

Please press play to listen to the audio of this question. Please note that the audio is provided in the language in which the senators spoke. Senators may speak either official language in the Senate Chamber. For the full text of the translated exchange please click here.


Hon. Wilfred P. Moore:

My question is also for the Leader of the Government in the Senate.

Mr. Leader, this question is from Ms. Rita van Tassel, who is the manager of a small business in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. She had the occasion to ship two packages of the same size and weight — 480 grams — one from Lunenburg to British Columbia and the other from Lunenburg to California. This is by regular surface mail. The cost to send it to B.C. was $16.57. The cost to send it to California was $10.66.

Could you explain that? And if you cannot, could you speak with the Minister of Transport, who I believe is in charge of Canada Post? I don’t understand that discrepancy and neither does the small business manager.


Please click here to read the full text of this exchange


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