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Expression of Thanks and Tributes

Expression of Thanks and Tributes

Expression of Thanks and Tributes

Expression of Thanks and Tributes

Published on 22 June 2017
Hansard and Statements by Senator Joseph Day

Hon. Joseph A. Day (Leader of the Senate Liberals):

Thank you, Your Honour. On behalf of the independent Senate Liberals, I would like to join in the sentiments of my colleagues. All of the words that Senator Harder and Senator Smith have said we whole-heartedly endorse — well, almost all. I was thinking how nice and upbeat this was despite the announcement of the retirement of Senator Lang, but our loss is the Yukon’s gain. We wish you well in that regard. Thank you very much for your service. I enjoyed serving with you, in particular the five hours every Monday on the National Security and Defence Committee.

Senator Smith mentioned the Auditor General, and that put a damper on everything here, I think. I still haven’t gotten over that one.

Senator Runciman, serving in the Ontario legislature and then agreeing to continue to serve the people of Canada here, you’ve done a great job. I’ve enjoyed working with you. I wish you well. I look forward to seeing you in Brockville on the St. Lawrence one of these days.

Senator Baker served in the House of Commons for a good number of years, as you know. I first met him when he was a minister in the other place. He, as well, agreed to carry on and serve here and serve the people of Canada through this position.

George, we’ve enjoyed your time here, and we’ll have a more formal send-off later in the year. We’ll give you the summer to think of things, go prospecting, and then we’ll see you in the fall.

Senator Hubley heard that we might say a couple of words, so she left. She wants to try to catch her flight home to that beautiful city of Charlottetown that we’ve heard so much about. We will try to have a reception in the fall to thank Senator Hubley, who served in the provincial legislature of Prince Edward Island and then came here as a senator.

Each of the individuals whom we’ve mentioned has brought a tremendous amount of experience, and it’s important to have some of that political experience as well as the other experiences that we all bring because of the work that we have done.

I do want to join with the many nice and deserving statements that have been made about Charles Robert. Charles, we will miss you, but we know you’re down the hall. You should be arriving just about the time that the message we sent today arrives. Maybe you could explain that to your new colleagues.

On behalf of the independent Liberals, I wish all of our support staff, all of the individual staff we have, the Senate staff and all of you a relaxing and enjoyable summer in all the diverse parts of this wonderful country. If anyone is passing by Hampton, New Brunswick — Saint John — Kennebecasis — I would love to see you. Have a good summer.

Hon. Senators: Hear, hear!