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S-212 ~ Aboriginal Languages of Canada Act

S-212 ~ Aboriginal Languages of Canada Act
Aboriginal Peoples

S-212 ~ Aboriginal Languages of Canada Act

Published on 9 December 2015
Bills by Senator Serge Joyal

Bill S-212 — An Act for the advancement of the aboriginal languages of Canada and to recognize and respect aboriginal language rights

Sponsor: Senator Serge Joyal



This enactment recognizes the right of the aboriginal peoples of Canada to use, preserve, revitalize and promote their languages and expresses the Government of Canada’s commitment to preserve, revitalize and promote aboriginal languages in Canada by protecting them and using them where appropriate.
It requires the designated Minister to take measures to implement that commitment, including measures to recognize and support the right of aboriginal governments to use and promote aboriginal languages; to encourage and support provincial and territorial governments and municipal, local and educational authorities to support aboriginal languages; to increase opportunities for aboriginal persons to learn and become more proficient in using their languages; to increase the number of circumstances in which aboriginal languages are used and supported; and to foster a positive attitude among all Canadians toward aboriginal languages.


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