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Elections Canada—Youth Engagement

Elections Canada—Youth Engagement

Elections Canada—Youth Engagement

Published on 16 December 2014
by Senator Art Eggleton

Please press play to listen to the audio of this question. Please note that the audio is provided in the language in which the senators spoke. Senators may speak either official language in the Senate Chamber. For the full text of the translated exchange please click here.

 Hon. Art Eggleton:

Honourable senators, my question is for the Leader of the Government in the Senate. The question I have here comes from an Ottawa resident, Maher Jebara. Maher asks the following:

Youth are considered the pillars of society, but too often they are neglected. With participation and voter turnout very low amongst youth, what steps can the government take in engaging youth?


Please click here to read the full text of this exchange


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