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The Hon. Pana Merchant, B.A.

The Hon. Pana Merchant, B.A.
The Hon. Pana  Merchant, B.A.

Appointed to the Senate by the Rt. Honourable Jean Chrétien, Senator Pana Pappas Merchant represents the province of Saskatchewan and the Senatorial Division of Saskatchewan. She has served in the Senate of Canada since December 12, 2002. She is a member of the following Senate committees: Energy, Environment and Natural Resources; Transport and Communications; and Scrutiny of Regulations (Joint). Mrs. Pana Pappas Merchant is the second woman to represent Saskatchewan in the Senate. A teacher and businesswoman, Mrs. Merchant has always been involved as a volunteer in many charitable organizations, especially in the health sector, and has played an active part in many Saskatchewan organizations. She has been a Board member of the Canadian Foundation for Social Relations since 1996, and has also worked as a volunteer with Canadian Parents for French and the Mackenzie Art Gallery. Mrs. Merchant attended the University of Saskatchewan, obtaining a B.A. in Art and Education. Mrs. Pana Pappas Merchant was born in 1943. She has three children.

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