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Taya Nabuurs

Taya Nabuurs

Taya Nabuurs

Taya Nabuurs

Published on 28 February 2017
Hansard and Statements by Senator Elizabeth Hubley (retired)

Hon. Elizabeth Hubley (Deputy Leader of the Senate Liberals):

Honourable senators, it is my pleasure today to rise and feature Taya Nabuurs, another exemplary young Islander. Taya is a third year arts student majoring in political science at the University of Prince Edward Island from Stratford, P.E.I., and is passionate about issues facing youth.

Taya has found that being involved in the community allows her to represent youth and engage relevant stakeholders, particularly on increased youth participation in the political process. She has been selected by Equal Voice to represent P.E.I.’s Cardigan riding as a delegate for the Daughters of the Vote leadership conference in Ottawa next week. Equal Voice is bringing 338 young women, one from each federal riding across Canada, to the conference to learn about our political institutions and communicate their vision for their country.

She also serves her fellow students in her role as Director of Communications for the UPEI Student Union, the Student Union’s advocacy team. In her spare time, you will find her volunteering as a writer for The Cadre, UPEI’s student newspaper, volunteering with international students with the UPEI International Buddy Program and in a leadership role with the UPEI political science student society.

Taya is one of the leading youth on P.E.I. advocating for increased youth participation in the political process. She was involved in the Get Out The Vote campaign during both provincial and federal elections. She also worked with Elections PEI as a public education officer during the lead-up to the provincial plebiscite held in 2016 on electoral reform. She serves on the P.E.I. Youth Futures Council, a province-wide youth advisory body established by the provincial government to enhance programs, policies, strategies and resources for youth.

Taya is passionate about eliminating gender-based violence, improving women’s and girls’ access to education, particularly in conflict-stricken areas of the world, and reforming electoral processes and regulations to encourage participation by women and minorities.

We thank Taya for her passion and dedication in representing youth. You are paving the way for others to stand up and take their place in society.


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