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Russia—Sergei Magnitsky

Russia—Sergei Magnitsky

Russia—Sergei Magnitsky

Published on 3 June 2016
Hansard and Statements by Senator Wilfred Moore (retired)

Hon. Wilfred P. Moore:

I have a supplementary question, Your Honour, with regard to the human rights issue.

Leader, the Liberal government, and those of us who worked for it in the last campaign, indicated that we will be a government of change, standing up for human rights issues, and so on. I want to know where the government is with regard to the Magnitsky file and the law that was brought in in the United States. Our colleague Senator Wells has spoken about this a few times and he’s still on that file. Our former colleague, the Honourable Irwin Cotler, has been speaking out about this. This is an opportunity for Canada to stand up for this young man who was beaten to death in a Russian jail at the hands of operatives operating under the direction of President Putin, I understand, and his oligarchy colleagues.

As I say, this is an opportunity for Canada to stand up for this young man who died in this prison, beaten to death for standing up for the rule of law. We have a chance here to do something right. I think we should follow the model set by our colleagues in the United States who did pass a law dealing with this. I’m wondering if you know of that and what we can expect to see on that file.


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