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Republic of Kazakhstan—Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Independence

Republic of Kazakhstan—Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Independence

Republic of Kazakhstan—Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Independence

Published on 15 December 2016
Hansard and Statements by Senator Joseph Day

Hon. Joseph A. Day (Leader of the Senate Liberals):

Honourable senators, I rise today to recognize a significant milestone of a country that shares much in common with Canada.

Tomorrow, December 16, will mark the Republic of Kazakhstan’s twenty-fifth anniversary of independence from the U.S.S.R. Colleagues, I had the distinct pleasure of attending a reception last week in honour of that occasion.

Located in Central Asia, Kazakhstan is truly a beautiful country that has a land area equal to that of Western Europe, yet it has one of the lowest population densities globally. The country also boasts the ninth largest oil reserve in the world, which has greatly benefited their growing economy due to their strategic geographic location between Europe, China, Russia and South Asia. However, much like Canada, oil is not their only profitable commodity. Kazakhstan has 15 per cent of the world’s known uranium resources and, in fact, managed to replace Canada as the top uranium producer in the world in 2009.

Since 1992, Canada and Kazakhstan have enjoyed strong bilateral relations that still, to this day, continue to grow. Recently, in August of 2014, both Kazakhstan and Canada signed the Nuclear Cooperation Agreement facilitating the full bilateral cooperation between our two countries for the non- proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. This, however, is not the extent of our international cooperation. Together, our two countries are very active in many multilateral and international organizations.

Kazakhstan has made significant advancements economically and socially and will continue to grow through the implementation of their national program, entitled “The 100 Concrete Steps.” It is an ambitious plan for institutional reform that aims to eventually establish Kazakhstan as one of the world’s most developed countries.

Honourable senators, please join with me in congratulating the Republic of Kazakhstan on their twenty-fifth anniversary of independence as they continue down the road to a democratic society.


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