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Policy on Hiring Medically Released Veterans

Policy on Hiring Medically Released Veterans
Veterans Affairs

Policy on Hiring Medically Released Veterans

Published on 2 December 2016
Hansard and Statements by Senator Percy Downe

Hon. Percy E. Downe:

I would like to thank Senator Harder for the speed with which he is trying to answer written questions. I hope my follow-up question doesn’t annoy him enough that he starts slowing down again. This is in the interests of Canadians who have asked me about these issues.

I am particularly interested in the answer that I received on medically released members of the Canadian Forces and their priority for employment in the public service. Since 2005, medically released, qualified veterans have had priority in the public service. Unfortunately, only a few departments are participating in this program. The bulk of employees are being hired by DND and a few other departments. I note, for example, Veterans Affairs, between 2005 and 2015, has hired a total of 34 medically released veterans. That is a strikingly low figure when you compare it to, for example, Corrections Canada where 66 were hired and Employment and Social Development Canada hired 56. Is there any initiative on the part of government to explain the importance of this program to deputy ministers and departments that are not participating fully?


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