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National Seniors Day

National Seniors Day

National Seniors Day

National Seniors Day

Published on 28 September 2012
Hansard and Statements by Senator Elizabeth Hubley (retired)

Hon. Elizabeth Hubley:

Honourable senators, it gives me great pleasure to rise today to speak about National Seniors Day and to recognize the 2012 Senior of the Year Award recipients from Prince Edward Island.

Every year, October 1 provides an occasion for Canadians to appreciate and celebrate seniors. Throughout the country, events are held to pay tribute to seniors who have made valuable contributions to Canadian communities, workplaces and society. On Prince Edward Island, the Seniors’ Secretariat took this opportunity to recognize important contributions that older adults have made in improving our way of life on P.E.I.

Throughout the year, the secretariat received many nominations and five Island seniors were chosen for the Senior of the Year Award. These awards celebrate the accomplishments and significant contributions made by Island seniors in many areas of community life, including volunteer work, the arts, fundraising, community involvement, career achievements, sport and other activities.

The 2012 Senior Islander of the Year Award recipients are: Garnet Buell of Murray River; Joyce MacKenzie of Charlottetown; George Olscamp of Summerside; Antoine Richard of Wellington; and Doreen Wooder of Ellerslie. As I could not be there to attend the ceremony, I send my sincere congratulations to all award winners.

Over the years, these people have contributed to their communities in a variety of ways. Much of their time has been spent devoting countless hours to volunteering in their community, which has helped many people of all ages throughout their lives.

Each and every day, seniors throughout our country make an important impact on their communities. They share their time, expertise and wisdom, and act as mentors and leaders to the younger generation.

As this is Canada’s second National Seniors Day, I certainly hope that, as the year goes on, more and more communities across our country will take this opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the role seniors play in our society.