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The Honourable John D. Wallace

The Honourable John D. Wallace

The Honourable John D. Wallace

The Honourable John D. Wallace

Published on 31 January 2017
Hansard and Statements by Senator Joseph Day

Hon. Joseph A. Day (Leader of the Senate Liberals):

Honourable senators, today marks the last day in this chamber for our colleague Senator John D. Wallace. I know he wanted to slip away quietly, but as a fellow New Brunswicker and a good friend, I just could not let that happen.

Senator Wallace was appointed to this chamber effective January 2, 2009, summoned here by then Prime Minister Stephen Harper. He sat first as a member of the Conservative caucus and then as an independent, and finally as a member of the Independent Senators Group. But from the beginning, including when he sat as a member of the government caucus, Senator Wallace did not hesitate to reach across the aisle, both in the best interest of his home province of New Brunswick and in genuine friendship.

This was evident in his maiden speech in this place when he spoke about his determination to serve our province. He was a Conservative who indeed tried for a seat in Parliament as a Conservative in 2006, but one of his first acts upon learning of his appointment to the Senate was to meet with then Premier Graham of our province, a Liberal. As he said in this chamber in his maiden speech, his goal was to contribute to a strong and united voice for New Brunswick in this chamber.

My respect for Senator Wallace has been built over many years as I watched his numerous contributions to our province. Following a stint in the private practise of law in Saint John, he served for many years as in-house legal counsel for Irving Oil Ltd., working to strengthen and build that company, which is of such high importance to our province and our region. He also had a long and impressive history of community involvement. The advancement of Saint John’s waterfront, for example, into a thriving hub for tourists, locals and businesses is due in no small part to his leadership and dedication.

I am sure that Senator Wallace will not sit idle now that he is leaving us in the Senate. He will find new ways to contribute to Saint John, to New Brunswick and to Canada.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Senator John Wallace, for your eight years of service to the people of New Brunswick and of Canada through the fine work that you have done here in the Senate. Thank you, John.


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