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Children and Youth

Children and Youth

Children and Youth

Published on 21 November 2013
Hansard and Statements by Senator Jim Munson

Hon. Jim Munson:

I have a supplementary for the government leader. Senator Smith is correct when it comes to bullying. This is Bullying Awareness Week, but today is also National Child Day.

Every November 20 in this country we recognize National Child Day in honour of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Senator Martin, myself and Senator Mercer will be hosting an event at the end of the week, as we usually do.

Our very own Human Rights Committee, which was chaired at that time by Senator Andreychuk, recommended the creation of a federal interdepartmental implementation working group for children to coordinate the Government of Canada’s activities, legislation and policy as they relate to children and youth.

In November 2005, the committee also proposed the establishment of a children’s commissioner for Canada. That was shortly before your government took office eight years ago. Absolutely nothing has happened in this regard, yet this came from the Human Rights Committee chaired by my good friend Senator Andreychuk. Neither recommendation has been implemented and we are no closer to having a cohesive strategy to protect Canada’s children and youth.

Therefore, Mr. Leader, on National Child Day will you undertake, on behalf of your government, to implement these recommendations? Will Canada’s children and youth finally see the leadership they deserve from the Government of Canada?

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