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Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research—Sixth Annual Forum

Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research—Sixth Annual Forum
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Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research—Sixth Annual Forum

Published on 8 December 2015
Hansard and Statements by Senator Joseph Day

Hon. Joseph A. Day:

Honourable senators, the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research held its sixth annual forum on November 23, 24 and 25.

I was pleased to have participated in that important forum in Quebec City. The program for this sixth forum was very impressive and provided a platform to discuss and focus on our soldiers’ and veterans’ health and that of their families.

I would like to commend Dr. Alice Aiken of Queen’s University, Dr. Stéphanie Bélanger of the Royal Military College of Canada and their organizing team for putting together this very successful forum.

Honourable senators, in just five years the institute has successfully been able to partner with Veterans Affairs, the Department of National Defence, True Patriot Love, the Royal Canadian Legion, Wounded Warriors Canada and General Dynamics, in addition to 40 different universities across Canada.

In this partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada and the Department of National Defence, the institute assists the departments in better serving our injured heroes and their families. The institute’s role is critical in helping to coordinate, unite and encourage efforts in advancing the health research for our soldiers, veterans and their families.

The forum that is held each year also contributes to breaking taboos and stereotypes. For many years, openly talking about post-traumatic stress disorder and other operational stress injuries was indeed taboo.

But today I’m glad to say that many have come forth and publicly addressed these issues and their injuries and brought to light their struggle, while educating others.

The institute’s contribution helps in that aspect as well. It provides a platform to learn and inform our community at large.

Much still needs to be done in health research and in the development of tools and programs that will successfully support, help and heal our wounded veterans and soldiers, but with initiatives like this forum I’m confident that we’re moving in the right direction.

I invite all honourable senators to have a look at the work this Canadian institute has done for our soldiers, our veterans and their families.


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