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Autism Support and Funding

Autism Support and Funding

Autism Support and Funding

Autism Support and Funding

Published on 8 June 2017
Hansard and Statements by Senator Jim Munson

Hon. Jim Munson:

My question is for the Government Leader in the Senate.

Senator, I never thought I would have to ask this question — and actually, I really don’t want to ask this question — because I felt that, in March, when we had the budget, those of us who work in the autism community held out a strong hope, a really strong hope, that the government would approve — in the scheme of things, with the billions of dollars that are being spent — a modest amount of money, less than $20 million over a four- or five-year period, for a Canadian Autism Partnership — a partnership that was put in place by the Conservative government and through my work with Conservative MP Mike Lake. That was a modest amount of money, $2 million over two years. That partnership, which was established by CASDA, Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorders Alliance, brings together the overwhelming majority of autism groups across this country. Through that partnership, we wanted the federal government to take the national lead in working on research, surveillance, indigenous groups — you name it — across this country so that we can build upon the foundation we have now.

Alas, the money was not in this budget. However, I don’t give up hope. None of us give up hope; we sincerely hope.

How do you see the federal role in the future in terms of leading a partnership with the autism community?


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