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Appropriation Bill No. 2, 2016-17—Third Reading

Appropriation Bill No. 2, 2016-17—Third Reading

Appropriation Bill No. 2, 2016-17—Third Reading

Appropriation Bill No. 2, 2016-17—Third Reading

Published on 21 June 2016
Hansard and Statements by Senator Joseph Day

Hon. Joseph A. Day:

Honourable senators, we’ve already discussed this particular bill as part of our supply cycle. I want to bring to your attention the schedule that’s attached to a standard form document which appears at the front. The front end of this particular document outlines the amount that is being appropriated for purposes of the government, which amounts to $63 billion. The schedules attached to it will tell you which departments and agencies will be receiving the amount that they had requested and had been approved in the estimates.

It’s important for honourable senators to be aware that there are two schedules. Schedule 2 outlines a fairly small amount comparatively, $4 billion of that $63 billion. That $4 billion will go to certain agencies for two years of appropriation. They have two years to spend the money. The majority of the rest get one year. If they don’t spend it in the fiscal year, it lapses. There are rules which deal with saving those funds for next year if you don’t spend on capital or operating costs.

The agencies are: Canada Border Services Agency, Canada Revenue Agency and Canada Parks Agency. If you think about those various agencies, a lot of their projects might go over a one- year period. It makes sense to move them into a two-year appropriation.

All the others are outlined here. Fuller explanation is in the report that we adopted earlier. This, honourable senators, is appropriations, supply, $63 billion. It’s not the kind of item that this chamber would be moving amendments to. We’ve had a chance to look at it, we know what’s going on, and we’ll be able to watch the expenditures throughout the year.

I commend it for your support.


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